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Friday, March 14, 2008

Obama, Clinton kiss and make up

...and it's about time. I've avoided joining in on the free-fire free-for-all between Clinton and Obama I see all over the net. One thing you have to say is that this election has stirred up a lot of passions. Which can be good. Or bad. Like most things. People can get very touchy over issues of gender and race. And to have both candidates tugging at's a powder-keg.

Either Obama or Clinton should obliterate McCain in November, if we have a fair election. And that's just not a certainty anymore in America.

All this Obama-Clinton warfare only seems to benefit McCain by giving him ammunition for the upcoming General Election. All guns should be trained on the disastrous and robber-baron-like
qualities of the so-called "conservatives" Bush and McCain, and not on fellow Democrats.

It's pretty hard to know where McCain is going to stand on anything - he flip-flops like a fish out of water, and he's going to slime anyone in his path, especially since he's added Karl Rove to his pig-sty of advisors.

Yeah, it's about time that Clinton and Obama cooled it off. Now, the next step will be to get them both to agree that, no matter who wins the nomination, they will put the other in the VP slot. That way, we can have both inspiration
and experience, and all the Republicans can offer is 100 more years of war, more tax cuts for the rich, and a nasty old man with a bad temper. The perfect image for Republicans.

There's been a lot of mud slung so far between Barack and Hillary and their supporters, but it's not too late to "kiss and make up." Ok, maybe "kiss and make up" is overstating it. Good luck trying to keep your "surrogates" in line. We ARE talking about Democrats here. Keeping Democrats in line is like trying to herd cats. Good luck with it.

But at least they're trying.

Democratic rivals agree to play nicer

By NEDRA PICKLER, Associated Press Writer Fri Mar 14, 5:11 PM ET

WASHINGTON - On this presidential rivals Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton can agree: They sometimes disagree with their trash-talking supporters and will try to cool it. Advisers to the Democratic candidates shed some light Friday on the private chat the two candidates had Thursday on the Senate floor

The talk lasted three or four minutes in full view of reporters watching on the balcony above who could see them talking, but not hear what they said.

"They approached one another and spoke about how supporters for both campaigns have said things they reject," said Clinton spokesman Phil Singer. "They agreed that the contrasts between their respective records, qualifications and issues should be what drives this campaign, and nothing else."

An Obama adviser, speaking on a condition of anonymity about the private conversation, gave a similar account, while stressing that it was Obama who approached Clinton on the subject. They committed to making sure that their supporters don't get overheated in the future, the adviser said.

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