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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

When is enough enough?

It is truly sickening to think about the billions and billions and billions of dollars that are being wasted in Iraq. Not to mention the thousands of dead Americans, the thousands of wounded Americans, the tens of thousands of dead Iraqi's. For what? For the war machine, most likely.

When in the world are we going to come to our senses and quit spending so many billions of dollars on warfare and the weapons of destruction? America produces more weapons that the rest of the world combined. We spend more on all things military than the rest of the world combined. All that money should be spent HELPING people, not KILLING people! Is that so hard to get through our skulls?

Is it any wonder our economy is collapsing? We're borrowing billions for bomb-making. We're borrowing billions to give tax cuts to those that don't need them. Our priorities are so screwed up, we practically DESERVE to fail. America was a great ideal back when this nation was founded, but we have lost our way. Eisenhower tried to warn us against the military-industrial-Congressional complex, but we didn't listen. We let them take over.

We have intervened in 50+ countries since WW2. Since creation of the CIA. And we wonder why we lose friends around the world? We have dropped more bombs on Iraq than in the entirety of Vietnam. We are spending around $250 million per day in Iraq, and have been doing that for FIVE YEARS! And we don't even have the money!! It's INSANE!

Bush wants to starve every federal agency except the military. Cut everything except the military. This "conservative" is going to bankrupt this country. No, we will not be conquered militarily by anyone. We're too strong for that. But our financial house is teetering on the brink of collapse, and all we hear is, "MORE WAR! MORE WAR!! MORE WAR!!!"

I feel ill.

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