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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Photo Safari

I'm experimenting with the camera and high resolutions again. Here are a couple of newer pics from the garden. First, a pansy. It is covered in pollen, like just about everything else. Click on a pic and it will open in another window. Maybe. You just never know.

The narcissus bulbs are flowing in the front yard. It's rather odd....we planted some narcissus bulbs in the front yard and in a container on the roof. On the same day. We have flowers in the front yard ("real dirt"), but no flowers on the roof yet (using potting soil). No sign of flowers. We have a healthy green stalk up there, but no sign of even a bud. So, in this case, the roof is flowering at least a week AFTER the "real dirt" in the front yard. And counting...

Ran a few errands today. We have a "crafts" project of sorts underway at the house. It consists of placing 7" across mirrors here, there, and everywhere in the house. It's a rather free-form crafts project. Got them at IKEA for only about $5 for 4 of them, and they come with double-sided mounting tape. So we bought about 32 of them. Check them out here.

And hey! I found a bucket to soak my feet in! You never know WHAT you'll find at IKEA. The following pics are a lower res than the first two.

Oh, God, we had to get to the Galleria today. That area is easily the most-congested and most heavily-traveled part of Houston. The nearby intersection of Loop 610 and State Highway 59 is one of the most heavily-traveled freeway interchanges in the nation. We're soooo proud. We are soooooo glad that we don't live in that area. Ugh!

While the wife was off shopping, I sat outside of Victoria's Secret my book some. And people-watched. (Yeah, I know these two pics are a little blurry. Think of them as....artsy.)

It's a hoot watching people, especially coming and going from Victoria's Secret. Does that make me lecherous? Yeah? Cool.

I love this book I'm reading. I love Mark Twain. This one is "On The Damned Human Race," a collection of his writings - most of which I had never read - originally printed in 1962. I don't see ANYONE out there on the scene today anywhere NEAR to Twain's wit and reach. Not to mention his command of the language. If you're a pessimist, I highly recommend it. If you're an optimist, I highly recommend it.

...and the back cover of the book...

Boy, the wife and I have more than a couple of memories of hanging out in the Galleria years and years ago. It's funny we both happened to haunt the same places for several years before we even met. Don't think we ever met, though, before 1979. I was never so loaded that I didn't know that I was getting laid. Or by whom.

...and here's today's bonus pic, for no good reason whatsoever, one that we took in Aruba a few years back.

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