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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Goodbye Health Kick

The Health Kick Hybrid tomato plant produced a massive amount of fruit. We simply lost track of how many fruits were on this plant, but....eventually, every single fruit was afflicted with blossom end-rot. We did lose a few early on to caterpillars, but although we got the wild cats under control, there seemed to be nothing we could do about the blossom end-rot.

We regularly fertilized the tomato plants with a specially formulated tomato food and were meticulous about watering, so...we really don't know why the blossom end-rot persisted, but it did, right up to the end.

So, yesterday, we destroyed the plant. I always feel a little strange when I pull up a plant. Plants have a life essence, and while they don't talk to me (even though I talk to them), I still feel a certain reverence.

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