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Monday, July 6, 2009

More Ethics Charges

Sarah Palin hinted that there might be more charges against her in her "resignation" speech last weekend. A pre-emptive strike?

Palin said there'd been 15 ethics complaints against her as Governor, and that she'd "won" them all. 15-0. You betcha!!

So, anything else will just be more "politics as usual" I presume, and similarly groundless, I'm sure. Poor thing. Everyone's just pickin' on 'er. Just pickin' n' pickin'.

Maybe. Maybe not....Is this some concerted effort to ruin a "rising star" in the Republican Party? Is she just one violation away from doin' time?

Whether any of these charges turn out to be true and stick or not, there is just something about this woman that makes my skin crawl. It's similar to the way Mitt Romney makes me feel too. I could take John McCain, however, for awhile.

Oh, yeah, here come the new charges....
In the wake of Governor Palin stepping down from her job, new allegations have surfaced today in Alaska charging Palin with additional violations of the Alaska Executive Ethics Act.

Zane Henning -- a conservative government watchdog from the governor's hometown of Wasilla and an oilfield worker on Alaska's North Slope -- asserts in a letter to Alaska Attorney General Daniel S. Sullivan that Palin has "been charging and pocketing per diem to live in her home and has used the process for a personal gain since being elected."

In a detailed press release accompanying the charges, Henning declared that:

Palin's use of the per diem is in direct conflict with Section 39.52.120. (a) of the Alaska Executive Ethics Act....More than a thousand state employees commute from the Mat-Su Valley daily and none of them get to pocket free money.
In February, Palin was required to pay back income taxes on thousands of dollars in expense money she received while living at her home overlooking Lake Lucille in Wasilla. Little more than two weeks ago she was forced to pay back the State of Alaska more than $8,100.00 for nine trips taken by her children that she had improperly charged as being part of official state business.

The rest of that mean 'ol article (most of it) can be found here.

I remember hearing about Palin collecting that per diem awhile ago and it didn't seem right to me then. It still doesn't. Is it practicing the "politics of personal destruction" if she gets nailed on a real violation?

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