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Friday, July 31, 2009

Salad Bowl Party Game

Last year, one of my two brilliant nephews introduced the family to a party game called "Salad Bowl." Or was it "Celebrity Bowl?"

Either way, it was loads of fun. There can be many variations on the game, so don't feel too straightjacketed by the instructions below. Experiment with it. Not sure what the optimum number of players would be, but we played it with about 8 to 10 players and it was a blast. I suppose you could play with as few as four people - 2 per team.


A party game played amongst family and friends.

The game is characterized by the participants dividing into teams. (I suppose two teams is the ideal, but there could be more.)

Each player writes the name of famous people on small sheets of paper and places these names into a bowl. (Make the sheets 2" x 2" or so, fold them over so no one can see the names and drop them into a bowl. How many names? How about 5 or 10 per player?)

Teams then alternate turns by pulling one folded paper out of the bowl at a time, and, using the rounds described below, try to get their teammates to guess as many of the names as possible within one minute. (Or 30 seconds. You set the length of each turn.)

There are three rounds of play:

1st Round - Say Anything Round: The first round of play starts the game off where players can say (or do) anything to get their teammates to guess the correct answer. (Except no rhyming allowed.) This round continues until every player has had a turn pulling names out of the bowl. If there are papers left in the bowl (and there should be, if each player contributes say, five or ten names/papers to the bowl), go to the next round. (If you pull a name out of the bowl, but your teammates can't guess it even with your clues, fold it back up, drop it back in the bowl, and pick another name.)

(As each name is guessed correctly, keep the guessed names in piles, separated by teams. Assuming that there are still papers in the bowl, go to Round 2.)

2nd Round - the Triple Threat Round: The second round of play where players are allowed only three words in the description to get their teammates to guess the correct answer. (Choose your words wisely.)

3rd Round - Charades Round: The third round of play that ends the game and is characterized by the players playing by the rules of charades when giving clues to their teammates, that is they can't say any words, but must act out the clues in order to get their teammates to guess the correct answer. (Anyone have a camera handy?)

The team with the most points at the end of the third round is the winner. (Play the game again, with the same names, or create new names for a new game. Don't forget the alcohol!)

What have I forgotten, o brilliant nephews? Hep me! Hep me!

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Pave the Whales said...

Here's how I would describe it.

I call the game we played "Celebrity," and Claire calls it "Salad Bowl."

It goes basically like this:

Required items:
Paper, Writing Utensils, a Large Bowl, a Timer

Everyone writes 5-8 names on scraps of paper. These names can be celebrities, historical figures, fictional characters...even people in the room. Everyone then puts the names into the bowl. Then, count off so that you have two teams, Team 1 and Team 2, sitting every other person.


Round 1: Give the bowl to one player. When an opponent turns over the timer, the player tries to describe the person on the scrap of paper without using their name. Each time that player's team guesses the name correctly, the player sets that scrap aside and takes a new one, repeating until time expires. That player's team gets one point for each correct guess. Then, the bowl is passed to the left, and the other team gets a chance to describe and guess. When there are no more scraps remaining, put all of the scraps back in the bowl and pass it one player to the left.

Round 2: Same as Round 1, except this time the player can only use one word to describe what is on the scrap (sometimes, people prefer to allow up to 3 words).

Round 3: Same as Round 1, except this time the player can't speak, and must act out what is on the scrap.

The game ends after Round 3. The team with the most total points wins.