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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Independence Day

I'd like to wish everyone a safe and enjoyable holiday for Independence Day.

I'm still rather ashamed of how low we sunk as a people in the wake of 9/11.

We began torturing people at random, jailing them with no access to an attorney, judge or jury. It's no doubt that we were rather traumatized, as a people by the brutality on 9/11/01, but that does not excuse the barbarism that we soon displayed, as a people. Those who initiated, justified and participated in torture should be brought to justice. I just hope it doesn't take 50 years to make that happen, long after I am gone.

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. One thing that brings a measure of happiness is gardening. We have three new tomato plants growing well on the roof:

Isis Candy Cherry

Green Sausage

and Dr. Carolyn.

All of these tomato plants are from seeds provided by Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. As are the melons, which are still loving this heatwave. They are quickly outgrowing the SFB#2 and their trellis.

The plumerias are not from Baker Creek. We have a second flower stalk growing on a second plant!

And the first one to sprout the flower stalk this season is getting closer to blooming.

And finally, the spider lily at street level in the front yard is blooming. Again! It's a gorgous tropical, a gift from some good friends. It's taking over the front bed! Independence!

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Dennis said...

It's a Spider Lilly, a Texas native. Ours is blooming, too, for the firsr time in 5 years, since we transplanted 'em