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Monday, July 27, 2009

Obama = low class

I had not gotten around to viewing the entire Radio and Television Correspondents Assn. Dinner, which took place on June 20, until very recently. I'd seen some clips of it, but not the clip that rather shocks and saddens me, where Obama made a joke at the Uighurs expense.

As I'm sure you know, dear readers, several Chinese Muslim Uighurs have been detained at Gitmo for many years on suspicion of terrorist ties, but even after a U.S. judge ruled that they should be released, they were kept at Gitmo for months and months after that. Some are still there. Some have gone to Bermuda. Some may go to Palau, and others still have no destination. This is rather insane and absurd.

At the 6:20 mark of this video of Part 1 of the Correspondents Dinner is the joke I find in very poor taste. I guess I can see why I have not seen this clip before: because Obama comes off looking like a thug. Very similar to George W. Bush. If Bush had made this exact same comment, it would not be that unexpected. It would be consistent with Bush's character. But I expected better of Obama. There are many, many things you can make light of in this world, but to make fun of the Uighurs illegal, immoral, prolonged detention at Gitmo is just way over the line. I have been disappointed in Obama many times already, but this....he looks callous and indifferent to suffering. Very much Bush-like. And that's fucking sad.

To get right to the "joke" fast-forward up to 6:20. To get the more full context, start around the 4:45 mark. Even with context, it's embarrassing and insulting. What an ass. This country is really in some deep shit.

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