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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

slow heal

So now the priority is to heal.  Gotta take it easy.  

My restrictions:
**No lifting/pushing items > 5 lbs for 4 weeks. 
**No tub baths/swimming for 2 weeks.
**Showers OK.

That's about it for the restrictions from the doctor.  I have added one: 

Minimal Laughing!!

Every time I have surgery, I have to be reminded that excessive laughing is bad if you have had surgery around or on your abdomen. Chuckles are fine.  Belly laughs are OUT.

It's sobering (helps me to not laugh) to know that, in this case, as with many other medical conditions, if I were alive >200 years ago with this problem, I'd likely be dead by now.  

Looking back, I wonder how different my care would have been if I had to go to Ben Taub Hospital, the "hospital of choice" for the indigent in Houston?  I'm very grateful to work for a multinational corporation that has some of the best healthcare plans available.  

I also wonder what the medical bills are going to look like.  $25K?  $50K?  $100K?  Any of those are possible. And how much of that will the insurance company "accept"?  

The health insurance industry is such a confusing mess these days, I'm not going to go there, but Medicare for All sounds like a good way to go.  

Single-payer = Uncle Sam.  Eliminate the leeches, aka the healthcare insurance companies.  Many of those workers can go to work for Uncle Sam, doing almost the same thing.

And the wealthy could always have a high-end medical system just for them, with gold-plated, diamond-encrusted services.

Oh, hahahaha!   OW!!  OWW!!!

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