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Monday, June 22, 2015

solar power updates

Some various news items regarding the surge in solar power:

Magdalena Mis at Reuters reports that solar cells are cheaper and more efficient than ever thanks to a new process using the mineral perovskite.

David Shaffer writes in the (Minneapolis) Star Tribune that three new Xcel power projects will increase Minnesota's solar production by a power of 10.

solar panels in Slayton, MN.

Stephen Edelstein writes in Green Car Reports that utilities are fighting back against solar by lobbying for restrictive state laws to punish or otherwise penalize those who convert to solar.

A quick view of current solar global capacity by country, on Wikipedia.

According to IHS, global PV capacity will reach 500GW by 2019

According to the EIA (the US Energy Information Administration), the US currently consumes about 1000GW of electricity each year.

Key for the graphic below (which you have to click to read)

IEA=International Energy Agency
PVPS=PhotoVoltaic Power Systems programme

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