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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Bayview Farm Crawl

In the big city, we had Pub Crawls and Art Crawls. Down here in South Texas we have a Farm Crawl!  I love it!

Bayview is a community on the mainland, about 12 miles northwest of our house.

Bayview Farm Crawl invites public every Friday

from the Brownsville Herald
The Moffitts stand at their farm in Bayview with a basket of freshly grown okra during the Bayview Farm Crawl that happens from noon to 6 p.m. every Friday. Bayview Veggies is one of five farms taking part in the Bayview Farm Crawl. 
If you need an excuse to explore the countryside on a Friday afternoon, look at a chicken, pet a goat, or buy a melon or a hunk of cheese, you’re in luck.
The Bayview Farm Crawl kicked off May 13 and will go year round each Friday from noon to 6 p.m. For now, five farms near each other in the Bayview area are taking part in the weekly event: Acacia Farms, Bayview Veggies, Franny’s Garden, River’s End Nursery and Thompson Farms — names that should be familiar to patrons of area farmers markets.

basil as far as the eye can see
Besides affording the public a chance for a rustic adventure, the Farm Crawl benefits the farmers as well. Jack Moffitt of Bayview Veggies, on North San Roman Road just south of Perez Road, said he’s seen a roughly 20-percent bump in weekly sales.
“It used to be zero sales on Friday,” he said. “We kept the gates locked and we harvested. “We could have been selling the veggies the whole time. It’s found money, basically.”
Moffitt said he now gets about 20 visitors on Fridays. Thompson Dairy Farms, at 38141 F.M. 510, gets even more, he said.
“He pulls them in over there probably double that,” Moffitt said. “He’s a little more centrally located, and he’s got cheese and baby goats that have to be fed.”
River’s End at 27510 Ted Hunt Rd., known for its annual summer “Mango Fiestival,” and Acacia Farms at 39629 Palm Dr. have reported bumps in their Friday sales, he said.
Baby chicks scatter around in their brooder box at the Moffitt family’s farm in Bayview. The brooder box mimics the mother hen by keeping the chicks warm and secure.

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