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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

SPI Birding & Nature Ctr

I finally visited the South Padre Island Birding and Nature Center for the first time. Hopefully only the first time of many.

Nice building. Five-story observation deck, a huge outdoor balcony with tables and chairs, surrounded by trails, a butterfly garden, and nature, nature, nature.

It was a beautiful morning so I went to take one of the Guided Walks, offered daily and sometimes more than once a day.

I feel so fortunate to have this type of facility just up the island, within biking distance. 

Rose Ann was our guide on this one. She's an ex-teacher, but she added that teachers never really quit teaching, do they? She's also a Winter Texan, like most of the guides are, and they donate their time and experience.

Remember to bring your camera and binoculars, but if you forget the binocs, you can rent a pair for the day. And a cap or wide-brimmed hat will help keep the sun out of your eyes.

This place is truly awesome. Peaceful and educational. These kinds of signs are scattered throughout the Center.

There is over half a mile of these walkways over the water or land. Recycled plastic structure, no doubt, and weathered, but solid as a rock. With five blinds complete with benches to sit. Thank you!

Next time I will bring my Canon camera. This place is a photographers dream. Today I just had my phone, a Google Pixel. 

That blue heron didn't move a muscle for several minutes. Maybe he was keeping a close eye on the alligator just over thataways. I look forward to many more visits.

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