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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Pat Condell

Pat Condell is an Irish-by-birth ex-comic turned writer and social critic. He's also an atheist, which I like. This video might make you a little uneasy, as Pat lays into Muslims who are bringing their "rape culture" with them from the third world and are terrorizing (and raping) western women. 

I mean, Islam itself is a sad and horrible joke in my book, just on freethought grounds. While I agree that the vast majority of Muslims are most likely peace loving people, their track record regarding women's rights is truly pathetic. Girls can marry at age 9 in many Muslim countries. A women not clothed in the proper dress can enrage many Muslim men into violence and rape. 

I'm not saying this from a place of hatred of religion. I'm expressing my revulsion at how Islam mistreats half of its population - women. Normally, we in the western world would be repulsed by this, but for some reason, in the name of multi-culturalism, we choose to not believe it.

This talk by Pat is only 6:47. He backs up his claims in the video here. There are many more short vids at his website.

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