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Wednesday, July 6, 2016


South Padre Island now has a large concert/bar venue on the beach, Clayton's, something that had been missing, except when Spring Break rolled around and temporary stages were built.

Clayton's is north of the actual City of South Padre Island, snuggled up to the La Quinta and Hilton hotels, but still south of "The Shores."

It's a large, pretty awesome place. Great spot on the beach. Concerts and fireworks every Friday and Saturday nights. Big stage for national acts, smaller acts on the smaller stage on the side, huge decks, food, booze, shit, why not let them tell it?

Clayton Brashear, the owner of Clayton's is doin' it up right, so far.  They are just south of where the new causeway across the Laguna Madre will land on the island.  

Their Facebook site is here, with info on upcoming events.

They're also planning on building a huge fishing pier out into the Gulf. It will only add to the reasons to go there. And the fried shrimp I had was the perfect beach food, and good too.

And, oh, what the hell. 

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