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Friday, July 8, 2016

Trump toons

So how does the rest of the world regard Donald Trump? Not highly. If they are not making fun of him, they are scared to death that we Americans might do something really stupid (we do have that tendency) and elect this screaming ego.

Here are 12 political cartoons that are not flattering to Donald "the Dark Side" Trump.

from Bulgaria

from the UK

from Austria
from Canada

from the United Arab Emirates

from France

This one isn’t against Trump alone, though. See what appears to be Hillary Clinton on the left? The cartoon insinuates that Trump is in the race just to make sure Clinton has an easy win in November.
The phrase translates word-for-word to “Toward an eclipse of the moon” – or “Toward a lunar eclipse.” It seems to refer to legends about lunar eclipses (or “blood moons”) being bad luck, and how (at least) one culture would try to avoid that bad luck.
In ancient Mesopotamia, a lunar eclipse was believed to indicate seven demons were coming to Earth to attack a king. In response, one commoner would falsely pose as the king – a body double who would take the harm in case the demons attacked. (And when the lunar eclipse was over, the pretend king would be killed.)
In other words, then, this one implies that Trump is in the race only as a pretend candidate who could get Republican Party nomination, but who will only fall to Clinton in the general election.

from Australia

from Scotland

from Jordan

from Ireland 

from Cuba

 from the Netherlands

Original. And anyone who supports Trump in this country ought to have their head examined.

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