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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

house-hunting on SPI

We have been looking for a place to live, or just own, on South Padre Island for over a year now. The market is rather depressed and you can get a lot for your money these days, but we just haven't found the "right" place yet.

That might have changed this week. We took a look at 231 W Esperanza and while it is pretty awesome on the inside, it's also a fucking maze. Steps up here, down there, sunken bedroom, elevated, bed, two steps into the living room, four steps here, three there, and no elevators. In our advancing age, if we have anything over two stories tall, we are going to insist on an elevator. There isn't one at this house.

The next house we saw might just be "the one." Not going to give the address on this one, but here are a few pictures. 

From the street:

There are 3.5 floors to this one, and a hydraulic elevator (yes!).

It's got a nice pool, basically in the front yard, on the south side of the house, so sunshine should be no problem. Many homes on SPI have swimming pools on the north side of the house, and the house could be two or three stories, and many of these pools rarely get sunshine. Uh, why do that?

The kitchen is pretty awesome. The wife could work some magic in here. But, really, she can work magic on a camping stove.

From the top floor of this home, there are some nice bay views.

I have a good feeling about this house. The rest of the homes we saw just didn't come close.

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