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Thursday, July 7, 2016

last day at the beach

Thought I'd just throw in some pictures from this beach trip. The beach at South Padre Island isn't as beautiful as many in the Caribbean or Mexico, but it's probably the best beach in Texas and it isn't super crowded, unless you're there over Spring Break.

There is something wonderful about sitting on the beach with the wind in your face and the sound of waves crashing all around you, reading a book or magazine in the shade, having a cold beer and a bite to eat, laying in the sun. 

almost there
A group of people near us on the beach was building a large sand castle. They tell me the sand on Padre is perfect for sand castles.

Even though we were at the beach the week of July 4, the crowds were not all that huge. 

Saw this sign while we were house-hunting. Sounds good to me!

I tend to forget to check email or Facebook while on vacation, so I rather lose touch with what's going on in the world. While we were soaking up the sun and suds on the beach, Baton Rouge, Minnesota, and Dallas happened, putting a horrible cap on an otherwise great week.

Welcome back to reality.

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