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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

DNC Day 3

Tonight's DNC was packed with heavy hitters: Tim Kaine, Michael Bloomberg, Joe Biden, tons of elected Democrats, and topped off with a great speech from President Obama. I listened live most of the night. You can find all the speeches here at

Just compare the hopeful, positive visions of the Democrats with what we hear coming from Donald Trump: nothing but how horrible everything is, and ONLY DONALD TRUMP can fix it. An ugly display of narcissism and ego. There is no comparison at this time between the two parties. Any rational, reasonable person should be leaning towards the Dems. Even the reasonable Republicans are. 

There was one video missing from the link that I wanted to find. 40 current Broadway actors sang, "What the World Needs Now" and it was very moving, especially coming right after remembrance of the recent massacre in Orlando, Florida. But I found it elsewhere.

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