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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

DNC Day 2

Silly hat at the 2016 DNC

The 2nd day of the Convention typically includes the roll-call of the states to report the number of delegates for each Presidential candidate. I like this portion of the convention. Each state picks a speaker or two to read how many delegates each candidate got. And they often give silly tidbits of info, like "The great state of Iowa, home to the world's largest ball of twine, proudly casts 66 votes for...." etc etc.

In this case, the roll-call gave some the opportunity to proclaim their admiration for Bernie Sanders and how Bernie has opened up politics to a new realm of younger, progressive voters. Some were quite poignant, as were some of the pro-Clinton comments.

Another silly hat - 2016 DNC
Bill Clinton gave the big speech tonight, and he tantalized the crowd with some new details of he and Hillary's early personal lives. He stressed the point that the Convention nominated the "real" Hillary, not the fake "Cartoon Hillary" that the right has been spreading like manure into the minds of the poor, gullible right-wingers. 

You can watch each speech, including the roll-call of the states, plus past keynote speeches and other speeches from conventions past at And yes, if you are of a strong disposition, you can also watch each Republican speech too.

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