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Friday, April 10, 2015

a swinging church

Ha!  This is rich!  The Madison (Wisconsin) Metro Council recently denied a swinger's club from operating in Madison.  So, the entrepreneurs decided to open up a (swinging) church instead.  After all, if you're a church, you can do just about any fucking thing you want, and not pay taxes.

It's an interesting fact that a large majority of swingers consider themselves to be Christians. I wonder how they reconcile their lifestyle with their alleged "beliefs"?  

Group Denied Madison Swingers Club Plans Church In Same Building

NASHVILLE, Tenn - When Metro Council passed an ordinance earlier this year, which essentially banned a swingers club from moving into an empty office building next to a school and church, the group said it was not going anywhere.
The group currently operates The Social Club based in the Gulch.
Recently filed documents with the Metro Codes Administration show the group "Freedom 4 All, Inc" now plans to renovate the building to be a church called the United Fellowship Center.
"Freedom 4 All, Inc" is the same name on the previous applications to make the building a private club.
Floor plans for both of the applications show minimal changes to the layout.
Room names have been changed. What were originally planned to be the "dungeons" are now the "choir" and "handbell" rooms.
A Google search of United Fellowship Center Nashville takes you to The Social Club'swebsite.
Council member Karen Bennett, who sponsored the ordinance that made it so The Social Club could not open a swingers club in the building, said she isn't surprised the group made this move.
She said she and the city will be tracking developments closer than they watch most other churches.
"It’s very suspect," Bennett said. "Even their floor plan has not changed from their original plan for the property. They’ve just changed the names, essentially."
Right now the group does not appear to be doing anything illegal.
"We have to be patient and follow the process," Bennett said. "The expectation from the community is that this be a legitimate church."
The Social Club's website for the United Fellowship Center links to another website called the Institute of Religious Freedom.
In the description the group describes its weekly meetings:
"Join others that may have the same interest and desires as you do.
We all have the FREEDOM to worship as we see fit.
Meeting Every Weekend with other Open and Broadminded Men, Women and Couples."
The attorney for The Social Club declined to be interviewed.
Larry Roberts said an interview was "not in [his] client's best interest."
Tuesday night, Council member Bennett introduced an ordinance specifying that sex clubs would only be able to operate in industrial areas that weren't near churches, schools or parks.
It still faces two more votes.

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