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Friday, April 24, 2015

Honda CR-V

Back on February 9, we traded in the smart ForTwo that we'd purchased in 2008 for a new 2015 Honda CR-V EX-L NAVI AWD.  All that means is that we got every bell and whistle on the CR-V short of the "Touring" package. 

The wife had finally grown weary of driving the smart to and from work: it's been a notoriously bumpy ride since Day 1.  Literally.  The car has a very stiff suspension and feels every single bump in the road.  

She wanted something more substantial and with actual storage capacity.  So we researched a bunch of cars, test-drove a few, and settled on the Honda.  We traded the smart on Feb 9 and drove the Honda off the lot with paper tags.

The expiration date of the paper tags was coming close, and still no real license plates.  So we got new paper tags.  And we waited some more.

The day before we were to drive up into Arkansas, we get a call and the license tags have arrived!  So we scrambled around madly and got the new license plates onto the car about 12 hours before we drove out of town. 

Same thing happened last summer too when we bought the new 2014 Lincoln MKZ hybrid.  The day before we drove the car to Colorado for a visit, the tags arrived, and we slapped them onto the car just before hitting the road.

So, after putting 2500 miles on the Honda in less than one week, the car has now been road-tested and passed with flying colors.  It is one solid road car.  Not the greatest mileage by any means, but it's one tough cookie.

The drivers all over the country have gone insane.  No matter where you go, there will be assholes following too close, speeding around you, shooting the finger and just about everything short of pulling a gun and shooting at us on the highway.  

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