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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Pizza Hut

We had not eaten a pizza from Pizza Hut, one of the old pizza stalwarts, in many, many years. They have simply been overwhelmed in the marketplace with specialty, organic, and gourmet pizzas in recent years.

This last road trip, we broke down and had a Pizza Hut pizza.  

We had just settled into our hotel room in Amarillo after a long days driving, and I did not want to go ANYwhere else to get food.  There was no room service in the hotel and nothing within walking distance. But we were hungry.

Looking at the Yelp! app in my smartphone, I saw there was a Pizza Hut about a mile away.  I clicked on a link in the app and got taken to the Pizza Hut website.

I have to say that Pizza Hut has a great online app.  You can create your own pizza online, complete with type of crust and how many ingredients.  We were in their delivery range, so we built a pizza, entered some payment information (yeah, I know, another one of my credit cards is now floating around online) and clicked "Order."

They even gave me a countdown counter to say my pizza would be delivered within 25 minutes.

Didn't have to make a phone call or anything!

When the timer online said the pizza would be delivered in about 10 minutes, we got a knock on the hotel door and there was the pizza. Smoking hot.

As hungry as we were, it was delicious.  Now, if we had not been so tired and were willing to get back in the car, we could have probably found a "better" pizza.  But this one from Pizza Hut hit all the right buttons.

My faith in Pizza Hut is renewed!

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