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Thursday, April 30, 2015

PCMS expansion

Another interesting "sign" by the side of the road in Colorado...

and this one...

The US Army wants to expand the PCMS - the Pinon Canyon Maneuver Site - to over twice its present size, making it the largest military base in the world.

This map shows the existing PiƱon Canyon Maneuver Site (blue), phase one of the expansion plan (brown), land of the Comanche National Grassland (green), and Colorado State Wildlife Areas (orange)
Pity the poor U.S. military!  They just don't have enough space to play with their toys, I mean, to conduct the massive military exercises they insist they must perform.  

The already huge Maneuver Site just NE of Trinidad, Colorado (in southeast Colorado), is not big enough to play war, and they want more.  The Army used eminent domain once to obtain about half the current land in 1983, and ranchers are afraid they'll do it again this time around, even though they said they wouldn't. I mean, we all trust the Army, right?

But this time there is some determined opposition: the Not One More Acre group and the Pinyon Canyon Expansion Opposition Coalition.  

Do we really need more land for the military? Isn't it way past time to CUT the military?  We still have bases in over 150 countries on this planet, and the US military is far and away the largest military on planet Earth. 

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