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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Hillary's VP

At this point, it seems clear that Hillary Clinton will get the Democratic nomination for President in 2016.  It's premature, sure, but no one else of high stature has entered the race yet, officially.

Potential challengers to Hillary are:

1) Martin O'Malley, former Maryland Governor and Mayor of Baltimore
2) Lincoln Chafee, former Rhode Island Governor and Republican Senator from RI.
3) Bernie Sanders, currently Independent Senator from Vermont
4) Jim Webb, former Democratic Senator from Virginia
5) Joe Biden, current Vice President to Barack Obama

Actually, three other men have already declared their candidacy for the Democratic nomination. They are:

1) Jeff Boss, a conspiracy theorist
2) Vermin Supreme, a performance artist
3) Robby Wells, a former college football coach

Typically, out of the pool of those who are running for President, the actual nominee will pick one person for their Vice President.

However, I think I have the perfect candidate for Hillary's VP, and this person will likely not even try to run for President.

Who would that be?

Michelle Obama!

Can you imagine?  Almost everyone loves Michelle, even many rightwingers, which says a lot.  

And if they got elected, you'd have Bill Clinton as the First Dude of the White House, and Barack Obama would still be right there in the thick of things!

Two former Presidents working together with their spouses!  How awesome that would be! And boy, how that would make the rightwingers heads explode.  It'd be worth it just to see that.

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